There are many variables that go into video production so most times things can be tailored to certain budget requirements. Best thing is to chat to us about your needs and see what we can do.


We place a lot of importance on our visual imagery. We have extremely high standards and quality is one thing that cannot be compromised. We strive for work that is always above and beyond the benchmark.


We seriously love what we do. We thrive on enthusiasm and seeing our work shared, making an impact or getting results. That feeling of simply seeing something we created blossom from concept to a quality finished product.



TV advertising has become more reasonably priced which has now given opportunity to brands for some prime air time. We have the resources and networks to produce either 15, 30 to 60 second spot ads designed to hit a chord with your target audiences. From concept to delivery we will work with you in delivering something that will guarantee results. So if you are keen to explore this option have a chat with us and see what we can do …


This is an example of a 30 sec spot ad, aired on Channel 9 and WINTV for rural Victoria.


Corporate videos are a proven and effective way of communicating with either your own staff or your brands target audience. It could be things such as capturing a product launch, company seminar or a conference. It could be a CEO’s message, company testimonials, interviews with staff or customers. It could be training videos which are useful tools in communicating company processes, systems, protocols or procedures in how specifically something should be done. Whatever your companies video needs just have a chat to us and we will make it happen.


Here is a recent example of a corporate video.


Its a given that marketing is the key to any business or brand. Its just common sense that you could have the best product or service in the world but what good is it when know one knows it actually exists. Promotional videos are a great and effective tool in building some kind of brand awareness. With the power of social media promotional videos can provide some amazing results to a widespread audience.


This is an example of a short promotional video for the INISIDEOUT magazine


This goes out to all the indie musicians out there !!!! Yes we know its tough to put together music let alone follow up with a music video. We have planned, produced, shot , directed and edited some amazing music videos for amazing talents. Triple J artists who have had their videos played on rage and other online musical platforms. Check out our range of work and chat to use about what we can do putting together something that suits your brand and music !


Here is an example of a recent music video for rap band Outside Inn.


Its an understatement to say social media videos are vital to your business.  We live in an era where your social media presence is now as important as other parts of your business. Across your social media accounts you may have developed a fan base or following of people who specifically like your product or service, if so this serves as a great indicator of your target audience. So communicating and sharing videos to your audience that are quick and engaging is the key. The more the video is passed around the more your branding is exposed to other potential end consumers.


Here is an example of a 15 sec instagram video which we cut together from the clients TVC footage. This was used to spark a conversation between their audience and while also appealing to general coffee lovers.


Post production is the most vital part of any video. Its where the magic happens ! Once in the post production stage, a beautifully crafted video edit can be brought to life with further elements at our disposal such as composing music, animation, titles or motion graphics, narration or voice over recording and green screen visual FX.


Here is a small example of post production skills in use. This is a video we put together for the Jim’s Group which was used to up-sell their services to consumers. Some titles, graphics, visual fx and voice over recording used to enhance the videos message.


If it serves the story then drone imagery has definitely become the footage to WOW your audiences.  So weather its showcasing a piece of land, location, buildings, sweeping landscapes, people or products we highly recommend including some aerial imagery which increases the production value of your videos.  We range from smaller more lightweight drones to the upper more premium range which can carry larger cinema cameras.

Watch the small clip on the right to see a small reverse sweeping shot which reveals the stunning Campbell Point House Estate in Leopold Victoria.